Laurent Gandini lives and works in Milan. he could be defined as "anti-designer" whose collections are characterized by tipically Italian folk, rural and farming themes.

A world full of tales and symbologies, that has by now disappeared in a span of few generation, but wich is still capable to evoke new form and shapes thanks to its inexhaustible rich repertoire.

Starting from these sources of inspiration, in 2002 Laurent created his collection, whose fondamental themes are the cult of Catholic Saints, folk rites and popular superstition, whose ancestral existence comes to new lifes through an essential representation of patterns and decorations recalling the lightness of laces, the preciousness of embroideries and the simplicity of flowers.

Jewelry pieces that focus on gracefulness in terms of material and style, it all comes together for a feeling that is unique, cosmopolitan and poetic.

Laurent Gandini's collections are Made in Milan by a network of local workshop that guarantee the highest level of execution and technical handcraft ability.




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