Orecchini con perno in argento

Orecchini con perno in argento

Maria antonietta earrings

Chandelier earrings with butterfly fastening. Gently forged with curly motifs and embellished by mobile drops. Handcrafted for maximum lightness effect on maxi volume.
Pizzo Collection

Serenissima earrings

These earrings are composed by typical arched motifs of Venetian decoration, legacy of an elaborated fusion between western cultur and oriental art. Maxi Volume for these cosmopolitan and delicate earrings.
Pizzo Collection

Rosicrucians earrings

You can feel a Medieval heritage in these jewels made of flower cross and small symmetrical elements. Each single item is processed by lost wax casting, forged in setrling silver and meticolously handcrafted by Milanese master goldsmiths.
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