made in milan

In the heart of Milan, legacy of an ancient medieval tradition whose memory reaches us through the echo of street names dedicated to his ancient craftsmen, still continues the work of the master goldsmiths that have  handed down the manual metalworking knowhow.
And it's here that our jewelry comes to life and takes form, in the Milan of today.

lost wax casting

All of our jewelry, whether it is formed by a single element or divided into different components, after having been conceived, designed and manually realized as a prototype by Laurent, is reproduced in a mold called "rubber". This rubber is injected with a special wax that is deposited in the imprint left by the original model and this is the starting point for the technique of "lost wax casting", a process where the metal replaces the wax.

the jewel manufacture

The result of the lost wax casting process is an unrefined jewel , with sharp edges and irregular surface, with attached feeders that are served to the passage of the metal. the first phase of our goldsmith's work consists of removing the feeders with the hacksaw and file the signs of insertions on the surface. Then all the surfaces will be processed with different files to smooth all the sharp corners, edges and undercuts.

manufacture following step

The following step is essential in the production of our jewelry, the burnishing of the piece and the opening of the engravings with burin. All these phases are performed on each single element, from the most simple to the most elaborate one composed by several elements, without any distinction due to the fact that the treated metal is gold or silver.

the finish

The last step is not less important in our manufacture. To enhance the features of this hand-made jewel, we chose a particular finish, soft and hand brushed, without using galvanic. It all comes together to create a unique jewel, both in style and quality.

our jewellery